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Wellbeing self-check

Wellbeing self-check

Monitor your wellbeing

See how you're doing today, and reuse our tool to check-in on how you're going any time you want.

Check your psychological distress levels

What does my score mean?






Distress level

Low distress

Moderate distress

High distress

Very high distress

Steps you might take

Chances are you're feeling pretty good right now. You might enjoy reading some of our tips on maintaining optimal wellbeing.

You might benefit from a check in with your GP about your wellbeing and seeing one of our psychologists for extra support.

You're not feeling great. Talk to your GP about support options and consider seeing one of our psychologists for an assessment.

You're really not feeling ok. Talk to your GP and contact Care Connect on 1800 955 665 to get some support in place today.

Things to know about using this tool

This tool provides a general snapshot of your distress level, it does not replace an assessment by a medical or mental health professional. It is important to seek support or share your results with your medical or mental health provider (e.g. GP or psychologist) to discuss treatment and support options.

Aurora online does not provide an emergency or crisis response service. You should seek help immediately if you are in a crisis or if you or someone else is in danger of harm. Please see our list of crisis support numbers. 

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