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Referring to our clinic


Referring to our clinic

Referring to Aurora Cloud Clinic is easy.

General referrals





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What to expect

What can my patient expect?

We combine a whole of patient care model with an outcome-driven evidence-based approach to assessment and treatment. Our experienced team are passionate about mental health care and forward thinking in how they deliver care. No matter how simple or complex the diagnosis, our multidisciplinary clinic model of care, backed by our hospitals,  means that we have the resources in place to help your patients at any stage of their journey.

Psychology referrals

Psychology referrals

Refer to our psychologists for mental health assessment and treatment. 

For clients to receive MBS rebates, our psychologists require:

  • a letter of referral

  • a Mental Health Care Plan 

Psychologists will write within two weeks of the initial assessment and again when treatment concludes to provide GPs with an update on assessment and treatment outcomes. 

Psychiatry referrals

Psychiatry referrals

Refer to our psychiatrists for:

1. Ongoing care, which might mean a transfer of care or shared care arrangement

2. A second opinion and report (MBS 291), where the GP continues to act as the primary health provider.

Our Psychiatrists require a letter of referral, with the following information:

  • referral reason

  • main issues

  • safety concerns

  • medical history

  • whether the referral is for opinion or ongoing management

  • other mental health professionals involved in the patient's care

Second opinion (291) facts:

  • GPs must state on the referral that it is for an opinion and report (or item 291)

  • Up to three appointments may be required for opinion and report

  • GPs will receive a detailed written report within two weeks of the final appointment

  • Psychiatrists can see patients for treatment after the GP receives the report

  • Second opinions can only be provided once every 12 months, but there is an item for review (item 293)

  • GPs can use item 2712 to review 291 psychiatry assessments

NDIS referrals

The NDIS does not require referrals, but we welcome an introductory letter from plan managers or individuals self-managing their NDIS plans. It is helpful if the letter outlines what the individual wishes to work on under their allocated Capacity Building Supports funds (improved daily living skills). Enquiries and letters can be submitted here.

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