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Meet Aurora Cloud Clinic

We're pleased to meet you!

Woman having a telehealth appointment with an Aurora Cloud Clinic psychologist

Hello, we are Aurora Cloud Clinic. We're an online only mental health clinic, offering telehealth services with psychiatrists, psychologists, social workers, nurses and occupational therapists.

It has been quite the journey to meet you. We've built an online mental health platform, set up telephone and televideo consults for you, and brought on board a group of Australian mental health professionals who are ready to help people all over Australia.

Why, I hear you ask, are you offering telehealth to help people with mental health issues?

In a nutshell, seeing a mental health professional from the comfort of home helps more Australians to access the support they need. Medicare recognises this need, and provides people with the same substantial rebate for mental health services delivered online as they do for services in-person. With a mental health care plan from your GP or a referral from your Psychiatrist, you can get the same services with us as you would in your local mental health clinic.

For some time now, mental health support has been available by phone and video. Easy to access online mental health services are especially important for Australians who:

  • live in rural and remote Australia

  • have mobility considerations

  • are time-poor and more likely to use services with no commute

  • have other reasons for not wanting or being able to leave their home.

We launched our clinic in the past year, and we've certainly seen a need for services from these groups. Surprisingly, we're also seeing that adolescents are really interested in telehealth support. Less surprisingly, a lot of people who are using our online clinic simply like the convenience of (and ready access to) video and telephone-based mental health services.

Our online mental health service is supported by a Practice Manager, and clinicians who write and review all of the materials on our website. You can contact our team on 1800 955 665 to enquire about booking an appointment with one of our clinicians, or to simply find out more about our services.

If you need a little more support than we can offer through telehealth, it's good to know that we are a part of Aurora Healthcare, who provide private mental health care in hospital and community settings across Australia. Our clinicians will be able to suggest to you different treatment and support options (telehealth, hospital or community) based on your needs.

Our experience has been that telehealth is a great additional support option for people keen to engage with online mental health treatment options. If you're looking to book online for a mental health service, you can use the button below to navigate to our clinician profiles and online booking form.

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